Long-Overdue Photo-a-Day Wrap-Up

During my sabbatical last year, I decided to try to do a photo-a-day project, taking and sharing at least one good picture a day of something or another. The strict photo-a-day format fell victim to my general busy-ness and disorganization, but I did eventually complete the whole thing. In the final post of the series, […]

050/366: Physics Toy

When we were in DC back in July, SteelyKid purchased a toy Newton’s cradle. And I already owned a 1000fps video camera, so it was inevitable that the one would end up in front of the other… I spent a while this afternoon making high-speed video of the toy clicking back and forth, but didn’t […]

Science: It’s What’s for Breakfast

SteelyKid and I have developed a weekend routine: I make pancakes (with her help in mixing and occasionally measuring ingredients) on Saturday morning before we head out (usually to SoccerTots, but the last couple of weeks to birthday parties). On Sunday, we make French toast, before going to the Schenectady Greenmarket. Of course, while this […]

Ask Me Stuff

I’m running a little short on blogging inspiration lately. This is partly just a function of being busy– most of my time is spent frantically working on class prep or child maintenance, and another piece is the result of an inconvenient policy change. But I do feel like I’ve gotten into a bit of a […]

The Quota System

They say that, in writing, you should steal from the best. Or, failing that, whoever’s convenient. Like, say, John Scalzi. I made a little headway on the book-in-progress over the weekend, which is nice. The problem is, the words I wrote on Saturday were the first new text generated since Tuesday the previous week. Not […]

Links for 2010-12-17

Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » QCut “Let me end this post with a request: I want all of my readers to visit the YouCut page, and propose that quantum computing and theoretical computer science research be completely eliminated.  Here’s my own CAREER Award; go ahead and cite it by number as a particularly egregious example of government […]