Dreadful Graphics and Health Care Costs

There was a bunch of discussion yesterday about a graph comparing the amount of money spent on veterinary expenses over the last twenty-odd years to the amount spent on human health care over that same span: There were a lot of dumb things said about this, but really, the worst part of the whole thing […]


As noted last Friday, I spent the weekend in Chicago with a bunch of friends from college, which kept me pretty busy– some golf, ridiculously upscale steaks, improbably located Cajun food, a Cubs game (5-2 Cubs over Cardinals), ribs, and live blues music (from Joanna Connor and Duke Tumatoe). I think that’s pretty much everything […]

Conference Self-Organization

DAMOP is next week, and Tom uses this to talk about socialization at conferences: The DAMOP conference is coming up, and that reminds me of a conference-related phenomenon related to gathering a group to go off to a meal. This doesn’t manifest itself when the conference provides meals, so it wasn’t an issue last fall; […]

links for 2009-05-05

The 25 most important movies ever made about war and diplomacy. – By Fred Kaplan – Slate Magazine "Last week, in the online edition of Slate’s sister publication Foreign Policy, two of its regular bloggers, Stephen M. Walt and Daniel W. Drezner, drew up lists of what they regard as the best movies ever made about […]

links for 2009-02-24

editors / 23 / 02 / 2009 / Views / Home – Inside Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed has done a comprehensive redesign of the site, including a bunch of new features. The best online academic journal just got better. (tags: academia computing internet) The Reality-Based Community: Annals of sexist oppression "In the middle of […]

Happy 200th Birthday…

…Abraham Lincoln. Yeah, most of ScienceBlogs is celebrating Darwin’s birthday, but I don’t have anything interesting to say about that. Actually, I don’t have anything all that interesting to say about Lincoln, either, but given that he’s unquestionably one of the two greatest Presidents (neck and neck with Washington, both ahead of FDR), I wouldn’t […]

The Frakes Story

Back in the 25 things post, I alluded to a long-ago encounter with Jonathan Frakes in Williamstown. This has led to a number of requests for the full story, which I will put below the fold, for those who care:

links for 2009-01-30

US LHC Blog » Can We “Point” the LHC, Too? "[C]ould we put up some kind of page where people could vote on what kind of physics we would study over the course of some particular week? Maybe a choice between searching for Supersymmetry, or a high-mass Higgs boson, or a low-mass Higgs boson? " […]