The Most Amazing Laser Application of All Time Is…

Voting has closed on the Laser Smackdown poll, with 772 people recording their opinion on the most amazing of the many things that have been done with lasers in the fifty years since the invention of the first working laser (see the Laserfest web site for more on the history and applications of lasers). The candidates in the traditional suspense-building reverse order:

That means that the winner, and The Most amazing Laser Application of All Time is:

And there you have it. The people have spoken, and it doesn’t get any more amazing than laser cooling, which is hereby awarded bragging rights over all other fields of laser-related physics.

Thanks to everyone who voted. And even if you missed your chance to vote, I hope you’ll take a little time to look over the posts explaining the various applications, and appreciate the many amazing things being done with lasers today.

Laser Smackdown: Final Days of Voting for the Most Amazing Laser Application

We’re just over 600 votes in the Laser Smackdown poll in honor of the 50th anniversary of the laser, as of early Friday morning. I notice that it has moved off the front page of the blog, though, so here’s another signal-boosting repost, just so we have as many votes as possible, to establish maximum scientific validity when we declare the winner the Most Amazing Laser Application of All Time

Voting will remain open until next Sunday, May 2, just two days from now, with the ultimate winner announced on Monday, May 3rd. So get reading, and get voting. One vote per computer per user, please– this is Serious Science.