On the “Hot Hand” in Basketball

A little while back, Jonah Lehrer did a nice blog post about reasoning that used the famous study by Gilovich, Vallone and Tversky, The Hot Hand in Basketball (PDF link) as an example of a case where people don’t want to believe scientific results. The researchers found absolutely no statistical evidence of “hot” shooting– a […]

Quantum Mechanics Is Square: “Ruling Out Multi-Order Interference in Quantum Mechanics”

This week’s big story in physics is this Science paper by a group out of Austria Canada (edited to fix my misreading of the author affiliations), on a triple-slit interference effect. This has drawn both the usual news stories and also some complaining about badly-worded news stories. So, what’s the deal? What did they do […]

Official Neil B Quantum Measurement Thread

I’m a little cranky after a day of reviewing grant proposals, so it’s possible that I’m overreacting. But commenter Neil B has been banging on about quantum measurement for weeks, including not one, not two, but three lengthy comments in Tuesday’s dog post. For that reason, I am declaring this post’s comments section to be […]