We Must Become Litigious Assholes or the Litigious Assholes Win

Via Thoreau, a story at Free Range Kids about “zero tolerance” policy run amok, this time from someone who moved to the US as a kid and ran up against the modern school culture in a bad way:

Once again, I came from a culture where you were made fun of if you forgot your pocket knife on a school trip. Then I entered a post-Columbine/Zero Tolerance hell. I hadn’t used or even removed my knife from my bag while in school, but I did use it to cut a twig on my way home from school one day, and was apparently seen by one of my classmates. The next day, I was called into the principal’s office where my mother and a police officer waited. The police officer padded me down and searched my bag, obviously finding my knife (which was confiscated). He then escorted me and my mother off school grounds and I was told not to come back until the school called.

He ended up with a probation officer, a social worker, and being sent to a special school for discipline problems, all of whom said he was wronged. There’s a lot more detail in the full post, with a bonus anecdote about a more serious offense (by any sane standard) that drew lesser punishment.

I have to say, my first reaction was pretty much identical to one of the early comments:

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